Offshore supply vessels

Looking for offshore supply vessels? Neptune Marine has many years of experience building offshore supply vessels. We can design and built standard and customised vessels made out of high-quality materials in order to meet the standards and expectations of our customers. We have them available in a wide range of sizes and options.

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Neptune Marine

Offshore supply vessels | Marine solutions that work for you!

From the beginning of each project, we always listen to our customers to make sure we meet the demands. Neptune Marine has the ability to customise vessel according to the wishes of the client.  Throughout the project we can make changes to the design. Thanks to the short lines of communications between our office and the shipyard we are able to switch quickly, which makes it possible to deliver vessels with a short delivery time. We serve customers in various markets from offshore oil & gas to dredging, marine and renewables. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Offshore and dredging engineering

About Neptune Marine

As mentioned before, Neptune Marine is a supplier for maritime solutions. We built standard and custom newbuild vessels to the highest Dutch standards, within a short delivery time. Due to the fact that each market has their own demands, specialised solutions, and applications. Neptune Marine offer’s solutions for all our customers. Our portfolio consists out of: EuroDredgers, EuroCarousels, EuroCarriers, EuroTugs, EuroPontoons, EuroJack-ups, EuroSupporters, EuroHoppers, Harbour tugboats, Crewtenders, Cargo Vessels, Modular Solutions and Aquaculture vessels.

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  • Green Cargo Vessel The Canopée

    Length:121,00 m
    Beam:22,00 m
    Depth:15,05 m
    Draught design:4,30 m
    DWT at design draught:3150 tons
  • EuroTrader 5000

    EuroTrader 5000

    Length:89,52 m
    Beam:14,72 m
    Depth:6,60 m
    Draught max:5,70 m
    DWT at max draught:4980 tons