Versatile Jack-up barges for drilling or construction

The EuroJack-Up is a multi-purpose jack-up barge design, which offers options to all kinds of maritime operations. This could either be the construction/maintenance of wind farms, drilling at sea or construction works. The EuroJack-Up platform offers maximum deck space, which can be modified to furnish project equipment. Moreover, the four legs create high stability also in bad weather conditions up to 40 m depth.

Modify to meet your needs

Neptune’s range of EuroJack-Ups offers jack-up barges of different dimensions. Due to Neptune’s flexibility, any EuroJack-Up can be modified to fit your demands. This could either be the installation of propulsion, or the installation of a heavy lift crane to fit your project.

Modular options

Neptune also offers modular jack-up solutions. The modular jack-up solutions are built of containerized pontoons, which can easily be adapted to your project.