Are you searching for a company that manufactures barges? Neptune Marine has decades of experience in shipbuilding and repair. Thanks to our experience and research in building barges we have been able to manufacture EuroPontoons and barges for transport, offshore accommodation and much more. We prioritise high quality in everything that we do and that’s what you will see back in our products.

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What EuroPontoons are available?

Neptune Marine has tough, robust pontoons and barges available, ranging from 30m up to 100m in length. Our EuroPontoons can be used for different applications. Because we keep a large stock of standard pontoons and barges, our products are directly available. Clients can easily charter, lease, or purchase them.

The following EuroPontoons are available

  • EuroPontoon 3011
  • EuroPontoon 4013
  • EuroPontoon 5014
  • EuroPontoon 5017
  • EuroPontoon 5019
  • EuroPontoon 6017
  • EuroPontoon 6022
  • EuroPontoon 7522
  • EuroPontoon 7625
  • EuroPontoon 8327
  • Oslo Pontoon
  • Multi-purpose pontoon NP 289
  • Multi-purpose pontoon NP 459

To fulfil your operational demands, Neptune offers a wide range of deck equipment, including accommodation units, mooring equipment and cranes. Our experts are ready to help you gather everything you need.

Jack-up Vessel

Accommodation barges

Also, for accommodation barges Neptune Marine is able to help you. Accommodation barges are being used for crew members and industrial members who are working offshore or costal jobs. Only when the barge is secured to a spot, people are able to reside on them.

About Neptune Marine

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  • EuroCutter 650

    Length:62,00 m
    Max. dredging depth:18,00 m
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  • EuroCutter 500

    Length:34,00 m
    Beam:7,80 m
    Draft:1,50 m
    Power:184 kW
    Speed:0-30 rpm
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  • EuroCutter 450

    Length:25,10 m
    Max. dredging depth:10,00 m
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