EuroSupporters: all-round support vessels for solutions like platform support & cable-laying. EuroSupporters are versatile all-round support vessels, with maximum free deck space, for platform support, light cargo, cable-laying and more.

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Neptune Marine
  • Neptune Marine ship

    EuroSupporter 4012

    Length:39,74 meters
    Beam:12,00 meters
    Depth:3,50 meters
    Power:1665 kW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:12 tons
  • ES-2612 eurosupporter

    EuroSupporter 2612

    Length:26,00 meters
    Beam:12,00 meters
    Depth:3,50 meters
    Power:894 KW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:15 tons
  • ES 1708 - Neptune

    EuroSupporter 1708

    Length:17,00 meters
    Beam:8,00 meters
    Depth:2,50 meters
    Power:662 kW
    Speed:9,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:10,0 tons

With standard models available from 17 to 40 metres, the EuroSupporter range is based on years of feedback from active marine operators.

A reliable workhorse for offshore operations of all types

With free deck space that is remarkable for vessels of their length, these all-round workboats offer exceptional value for their size when it comes their ability to install operator’s equipment or operate as working platforms.

  • Versatile deck space ready for any equipment package or cargo
  • Excellent, all-round visibility from the wheelhouse
  • Efficient, low cost operations
  • All accommodation above the waterline

EuroSupporters are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Transport of cargo, equipment and materials
  • Fish farm support (including net cleaning and pen towage)
  • Offshore wind farm operations & maintenance (including subsea cable repair, supply of materials and maintenance)
  • Marine construction (transport, dredging, general support activities)
  • Cable laying
  • Platform support and maintenance

EuroSupporters are highly adaptable

The free deck space opens up all kinds of operational possibilities that allow EuroSupporters to take on new roles when opportunities arise. These designs have been fine-tuned in cooperation with experienced operators and the quality of the build ensures years of reliable, low-maintenance activity.

Custom all-round support vessels

Proven designs, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality components and equipment ensure excellent reliability and minimal downtime. Our integrated production enables short delivery times. We work with each client to ensure that they have the vessel that matches their exact needs,; rapidly finalising the specification and delivering them in time to start short-notice new contracts.