EuroHoppers: Safe and secure dredging vessels for any operation

Safe and secure dredging solutions for maintaining waterways and material extraction

EuroHopper 200

34,00 m
Max. hopper capacity:
200 m³
Max. dredging depth:
8,00 m

EuroHopper 400

42,00 m
Max. hopper capacity:
400 m³
Max. dredging depth:
15,00 m

EuroHopper 600

51,90 m
Max. hopper capacity:
600 m³
Max. dredging depth:
20,00 m


68,40 m
Max. hopper capacity:
700 m³

Neptune has developed its own range of small to medium-sized Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD), the EuroHopper range. Available both as standard EuroHopper models or customised for specific dredging projects, they are all optimised for safe and secure dredging operations.

  • Standard capacity of 200 m3 up to 3000 m3
  • Proven dredging technology
  • Fully customisable
  • Available with a wide range of options

EuroHoppers can be used in the toughest environments, undertaking:

  • Maintenance dredging in ports and coastal areas
  • Sand and aggregates extraction for land reclamation, construction and other purposes


Vessels that meet your needs

With our flexibility and experience, we offer the full range of dredging solutions, including dipper dredgers, split barges and other specialist designs.


Vessels available with short delivery times

Our integrated production methods enable us to supply our customers with customised vessels fitted out to their exact requirements at short notice. Proven designs, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality components and equipment ensure that excellent reliability and minimal downtime are maintained throughout the build and fitting out process.

This product is frequently used in markets like

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