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The cutter dredger is a powerful and essential tool in many dredging and marine operations. Cutter suction dredgers are specifically designed to dredge compact and hard soils under the waterline.

Neptune has developed its own line of cutter suction dredgers. We offer both seagoing and stationary cutter suction dredgers. These state of the art quality cutter dredgers ensure safe and efficient performance during the entire dredging  operations.

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Neptune Marine
  • Euro Dredger 650

    EuroCutter 650

    Length:62,00 m
    Max. dredging depth:18,00 m
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  • Dredging - EuroCutter 500

    EuroCutter 500

    Length:34,00 m
    Beam:7,80 m
    Draft:1,50 m
    Power:184 kW
    Speed:0-30 rpm
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  • EuroCutter 450

    EuroCutter 450

    Length:25,10 m
    Max. dredging depth:10,00 m
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The working of cutter dredgers

Cutter dredgers are used to dredge materials from a seabed or lakebed by cutting hard soils into small fragments with a rotating cutter head. Through powerful dredge pumps, the mixture of materials and water is sucked up, transported to and discharges at the indicated (onshore) deposit area via a floating pipeline.  Alternatively, the material can also be pumped onto barges for further transport to an (offshore) deposit area.

Advantages of the Eurocutter:

  • High performance, maximum reliability
  • Robust
  • Maximum uptime
  • State of the art design
  • Full automation, remote controls
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Components are efficiently to replace for maintenance purposes
  • Easy to commission
  • Ultra low emission
  • Electric, diesel-electric and diesel option available