Regarding maintenance work, the water injection dredger is an efficient and sustainable alternative for (larger) trailing suction hopper dredgers. Under low pressure the seabed  will be injected so that the sendiment shall replace. Dredging depths of 20 meter (or optionally more) are achievable.

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Neptune Marine
  • EuroWid 2710

    EuroWid 2710

    Length:27,53 m
    Beam:10,00 m
    Draft:3,00 m
    Power:2 x 735 kW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:25 tons

The key benefits of water injection dredgers

Water injection dredgers have emerged as a highly efficient and sustainable solution for maintenance work in maritime environments. Through their low-pressure injection process, they effectively displace sediment while minimizing the ecological impact. With their ability to achieve substantial dredging depths and adapt to different sediment types, water injection dredgers offer a versatile and cost-effective alternative to larger trailing suction hopper dredgers. As the maritime industry continues to prioritize sustainability, these innovative vessels are poised to play a vital role in maintaining and preserving our waterways.

EuroWIDs: highly efficient and effective

The EuroWIDs dredger is the culmination of years of operational experience in the maritime industry. This vessel has been designed to offer exceptional maneuverability, enhanced by the integration of a state of the art jetting system. As a result, the EuroWID boasts optimal dredging capacities, making it a highly efficient and effective solution for various dredging operations.

Water injection dredgers with short delivery times

By implementing integrated production techniques, we are able to deliver our products within short delivery times without compromising on the ability to provide customized modifications and equipment options. This commitment enables us to tailor our vessels precisely to our clients’ specific requirements, ensuring that they receive vessels that perfectly match their needs.