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Multi Purpose Vessels

Multi purpose pontoons can be equipped to fulfill a broad range of operations. The free deck space in combination with the large accommodation offers many possibilities for all kinds of operations including salvage, offshore accommodation and renewables support.

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Neptune Marine
  • Rental Multipurpose vessel NP459


    Length:85,25 m
    Deckload:20 ton/m²
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  • Rental Multipupose vessel NP298


    Length:80,00 m
    Deckload:15 ton/m²
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  • Dipper-Barge-6519


    Length:65,00 m
    Beam:19,00 m
    Spud leg length:35,00 m
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Modular Pontoon Systems (MPS) offers a wide range of modular workboats and pontoons.

Easy transport for on-site assembly

The modular solutions use container-sized (20 and 40 foot) units to build the platforms and jack-ups. Easily transported by truck, plane or ship, once the individual modular units are on-site a specialised and experienced team securely fastens them together to form a safe and rigid platform. After that, all the operational equipment units are fixed to it. Once a project is completed the modular vessel can be disassembled for deployment elsewhere.

Key features:

  • Individual modules built to standard container specifications
  • Easily transported to anywhere with access by road, rail, sea or air
  • Assisted on-site assembly using high-strength fixings
  • Full range of accessories and options
  • Can be disassembled for transport elsewhere

Exceptionally versatile:

The modular concept can be applied to a wide range of vessel types and applications:

  • Multi-purpose workboats
  • Pontoons and barges
  • Jack-up barges
  • Coastal and inland passenger and car ferries
  • Special projects

Custom vessels with short delivery times

We specialise in supplying vessels at short notice, but without compromise in either quality and craftsmanship. We understand that short lead-in times for contracts are all part of today’s competitive environment and we work with each client to ensure that they have the vessels they need, ready to start on day one, and with all their requirements fully implemented.

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