Cargo vessels

The EuroTrader – state-of-the-art cargo vessels for short-sea shipping. Efficiency, economy and reliability all come as standard.

At Neptune we have developed a cargo vessel range that meets the latest standards in modern shipping in response to customer demand for versatile, dry cargo transport vessels for short-sea operations. Key features of the designs include efficient hull forms to minimise fuel consumption and emissions, and to enhance seakeeping.

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Neptune Marine
  • Green Cargo Vessel The Canopée

    Length:121,00 m
    Beam:22,00 m
    Depth:15,05 m
    Draught design:4,30 m
    DWT at design draught:3150 tons
  • EuroTrader 5000

    EuroTrader 5000

    Length:89,52 m
    Beam:14,72 m
    Depth:6,60 m
    Draught max:5,70 m
    DWT at max draught:4980 tons

Efficient and economical cargo vessels

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Optimised for fuel efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • High quality accommodation
  • Wide range of options

The EuroTrader is optimised for the transport of cargo, including:

  • Bulk
  • Containers
  • Timber
  • Project cargo
  • Breakbulk
  • General cargo

Custom cargo vessels with short delivery times

Our integrated production techniques allow us to offer vessels in time to start short-notice new contracts.Proven designs, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality components and equipment ensure excellent reliability and minimal downtime, and we work with each client to ensure that they have the exact specification that matches their needs.