EuroCarriers: market-leading multi-purpose workboats for marine operations

EuroCarriers are robust multi-purpose workboats for marine activities; from civil construction to offshore wind, fish farm support and much more.

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Neptune Marine
  • EC-3413 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 3413

    Length:34,00 m
    Beam:13,00 m
    Draft:3,00 m
    Power:2388 kW
    Speed:11,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:36,0 tons
  • EuroCarrier 3314

    Length:32,50 m
    Beam:14,00 m
    Draft:3,00 m
    Power:1658 kW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:45,0 tons
  • EC-2712 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 2712

    Length:27,00 m
    Beam:12,00 m
    Draft:3,00 m
    Power:1940 kW
    Speed:9,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:35,0 tons
  • EC-2611- Neptune

    EuroCarrier 2611

    Length:26,48 m
    Beam:11,00 m
    Draft:2,93 m
    Power:1940 kW
    Speed:10,80 knots
    Bollard Pull:35,0 tons
  • EC-2495 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 2495

    Length:24,45 m
    Beam:9,54 m
    Draft:2,10 m
    Power:1432 kW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:22,0 tons
  • Neptune Marine

    EuroCarrier 2209

    Length:21,60 m
    Beam:9,04 m
    Draft:2,00 m
    Power:894 KW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:15,0 tons
  • EC-1908 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 1908

    Length:19,50 m
    Beam:8,00 m
    Draft:1,90 m
    Power:662 kW
    Speed:9,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:10,0 tons
  • EuroCarrier 1206 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 1206

    Length:12,60 m
    Beam:6,04 m
    Draft:1,40 m
    Power:750 hp
    Speed:7,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:7,0 tons

With fully customisable designs and a wide range of options, EuroCarriers offer the ultimate in versatility and reliability, built to the highest Dutch standards.

Neptune’s EuroCarrier range

The result of years of ongoing cooperation with workboat operators, Neptune’s EuroCarrier range offers robust, adaptable solutions for owners that seek vessels capable of undertaking the full spectrum of support activities. EuroCarriers are built using high-quality components and equipment, including:

  • Large, open working decks with wood planking for sustainable and robust operations
  • Optional dynamic positioning systems for precision position-keeping during operations
  • High-quality accommodation ensures comfortable living conditions for crew and passengers
  • Reliable, strong and high-quality cranes for efficient and safe operations
  • Environmental-friendly technologies including Tier III, to reduce environmental impacts

Proven designs for a broad range of marine activities

Well-known operators from all over the world use EuroCarriers and their versatile capabilities to carry out marine operations, including:

  • General supply, maintenance and support operations
  • Aquaculture operations (including net cleaning and pen towage)
  • Offshore wind operations (including subsea cable repairs, supply of materials and maintenance)
  • Marine civil construction, including supply of materials and dredging support
  • Anchor handling

Custom multi-purpose workboats with short delivery times

We work with each client to ensure that they have the workboat that matches their exact needs. Our integrated production enables short delivery times; rapidly finalising the specification to each client’s demands and delivering them in time to start short-notice new contracts. Proven designs, skilled craftsmanship and high-quality components and equipment ensure excellent reliability and minimal downtime.

Neptune strives to deliver sustainable and environmentally-friendly products and services. We continuously innovate to both enhance our solutions via new technology and to comply with future regulations and standards.