EuroCarriers / EuroTugs

EuroCarriers are robust multi-purpose workboats for marine activities;
from civil construction to offshore wind, fish farm support and much more.

EuroTugs are shallow draft tugboats with high performance towage capacity and free deck space, for excellent reliability in marine activities

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Neptune Marine
  • 130520 - Neptune 11

    EuroTug Neptun 11

    Length:36,00 m
    Beam:10,40 m
    Draft:3,80 m
    Speed:12,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:42,8 tons
  • EC-2712 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 2712

    Length:27,00 m
    Beam:12,00 m
    Draft:3,00 m
    Power:1940 kW
    Speed:9,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:35,0 tons
  • EC-2611- Neptune

    EuroCarrier 2611

    Length:26,48 m
    Beam:11,00 m
    Draft:2,93 m
    Power:1940 kW
    Speed:10,80 knots
    Bollard Pull:35,0 tons
  • EC-2495 - Neptune

    EuroCarrier 2495

    Length:24,45 m
    Beam:9,54 m
    Draft:2,10 m
    Power:1432 kW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:22,0 tons
  • Neptune Marine

    EuroCarrier 2209

    Length:21,60 m
    Beam:9,04 m
    Draft:2,00 m
    Power:894 KW
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:15,0 tons