EuroJack-Ups for civil construction and offshore projects

Our reliable and safe jack-ups are immediately available for charter.

The Neptune EuroJack-Up is a multi-purpose, scalable jack-up barge design which can be deployed for any maritime operation that requires a stable platform positioned above the maximum wave height of the water.

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Neptune Marine
  • EJ-3923 - Hinkley Point

    EuroJack-Up 3923

    Length:39,00 m
    Beam:22,80 m
    Spud leg length:66,00 m
    Max. pay load:600 tons
  • EuroJack-up 3620

    EuroJack-Up 3620

    Length:36,50 m
    Beam:20,00 m
    Spud leg length:47,00 m
    Max. pay load:600 tons
  • EJ-2417 - Neprune Marine

    EuroJack-Up 2417

    Length:24,38 m
    Beam:17,08 m
    Spud leg length:42,00 m
    Max. pay load:300 tons