EuroTugs: (shallow draft) tugboats for towage, anchor handling and much more. EuroTugs are (shallow draft) tugboats with high performance towage capacity and free deck space, for excellent reliability in marine activities.

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Neptune Marine
  • 130520 - Neptune 11

    EuroTug Neptun 11

    Length:36,00 m
    Beam:10,40 m
    Draft:3,80 m
    Speed:12,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:42,8 tons
  • FF97343 - Nora B

    EuroTug 3515 Hybrid

    Length:36,00 m
    Beam:15,00 m
    Draft:1,70 m
    Speed:12,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:35,0 tons
  • TSM Quessant -©Neptune-Marine

    EuroTug 3515 (shallow draft)

    Length:35,60 m
    Beam:15,00 m
    Draft:1,50 - 1,90 m
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:44.0 tons
  • ET-3210

    EuroTug 3210

    Length:32,20 m
    Beam:10,00 m
    Draft:2,60 m
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:48,0 tons
  • ET-3010

    EuroTug 3010

    Length:30,00 m
    Beam:10,00 m
    Draft:2,60 m
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:47,0 tons
  • ET-2810 OBELIX - Neptune Marine

    EuroTug 2810

    Length:28,80 m
    Beam:10,00 m
    Draft:2,60 m
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:40,0 tons
  • Amerstroom - ET-2308

    EuroTug 2308

    Length:23,68 m
    Beam:8,50 m
    Draft:2,65 m
    Speed:10,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:14,0 tons
  • Zealous - ET-1306

    EuroTug 1306

    Length:13,50 m
    Beam:6,00 m
    Draft:1,85 m
    Speed:9,00 knots
    Bollard Pull:10,0 tons

Our robust and versatile EuroTugs range offers proven ocean towage tugs that are ready for anything.

EuroTugs are designed to meet your operational requirements

Our shallow draught designs, optimised for both coastal and offshore waters, offer excellent towage and support characteristics. The multi-purpose EuroTugs range can also be modified to fulfil owner’s needs, such as sustainable, innovative hybrid propulsion or ice-class compliant specifications.

  • Generous open deck space
  • High performance
  • Excellent bollard pull for their class
  • Robust designs and high-quality components

Customise EuroTugs specifications

The EuroTugs specification can be customised to meet the specific needs of any operation, including:

  • Towage and vessel handling
  • Anchor handling
  • General support services
  • Aquaculture support (including towing pens and cleaning nets)
  • Offshore wind maintenance including cable repairs
  • Offshore civil construction including supporting dredging
  • General harbour support (including buoy handling and maintenance)
  • Transport of equipment

Custom offshore tugs with short delivery times

Our integrated production techniques allow us to offer short delivery times while continuing to offer custom modifications and equipment options. This ensures that our clients have the vessels that match their exact needs.

Our skilled craftsmen combined with our proven designs and high-quality components ensure excellent reliability and minimal downtime.