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Pontoons and barges for transport, offshore accommodation and much more. Our robust pontoons and barges are immediately available for sale, lease or charter.

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Neptune Marine
  • EP-8327 - Neptune Marine

    EuroPontoon 8327

    Length:82,50 m
    Beam:27,00 m
    Depth:6,00 m
    Cargo capacity:8010 tons
    Deckload:20 tons/m2
  • Neptune Marine

    EuroPontoon 7625

    Length:76,00 m
    Beam:24,50 m
    Depth:5,00 m
    Cargo capacity:5500 tons
    Deckload:20 tons/m2
  • EP-7522 - Neptune Marine

    EuroPontoon 7522

    Length:75,00 m
    Beam:22,00 m
    Depth:4,00 m
    Cargo capacity:3478 tons
    Deckload:15 tons/m2
  • EP-6020 - Neptune Marine Service

    EuroPontoon 6022

    Length:60,00 m
    Beam:22,00 m
    Depth:4,00 m
    Cargo capacity:3250 tons
    Deckload:15 tons/m2
  • EP-6017 Neptune Marine

    EuroPontoon 6017

    Length:60,00 m
    Beam:16,50 m
    Depth:3,50 m
    Cargo capacity:2140 tons
    Deckload:12 tons/m2
  • Pontoons - Neptune

    EuroPontoon 5019

    Length:50,00 m
    Beam:18,80 m
    Depth:3,00 m
    Cargo capacity:1734 tons
    Deckload:12 tons/m2
  • EP-5019 Neptune Marine

    EuroPontoon 5017

    Length:50,00 m
    Beam:17,40 m
    Depth:3,00 m
    Cargo capacity:1609 tons
    Deckload:15 tons/m2
  • EP-5014 Neptune

    EuroPontoon 5014

    Length:50,00 m
    Beam:14,00 m
    Depth:3,00 m
    Cargo capacity:1300 tons
    Deckload:10 tons/m2
  • EP-4013 - Neptune

    EuroPontoon 5013

    Length:50,00 meters
    Beam:12,50 m
    Depth:3,00 m
    Cargo capacity:1140 tons
    Deckload:10 tons/m2
  • EP-4013 - Neptune

    EuroPontoon 4013

    Length:40,00 m
    Beam:12,50 m
    Depth:3,00 m
    Cargo capacity:850 tons
    Deckload:10 tons/m2
  • EuroPontoon 3011

    EuroPontoon 3011

    Length:30,00 m
    Beam:11,20 m
    Depth:2,50 m
    Cargo capacity:500 tons
    Deckload:6 tons/m2

EuroPontoons are tough, robust pontoons and barges, ranging from 30m up to 100m in length, that can be used for almost any application. We keep a full range of standard pontoons and barges in stock, immediately available for sale, lease or charter.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the solution

At our facilities we offer a wide assortment of fit-out options and deck equipment to complement our range of pontoons and barges:

  • Accommodation units
  • Mooring equipment such as winches, fairleads, anchors
  • Spud legs: both hydraulic and free-fall
  • Cranes: crawler cranes, excavator, piling and drilling machines, etc
  • Ballast systems
  • Fender systems, railings, towing bridles etc
  • Installation of client-specific systems
  • Semi-submersible versions available for transport, decommissioning etc

The ultimate in versatility and adaptability

EuroPontoons are used right across the marine industry in almost all sectors.

  • Transport
  • General support
  • Storage for equipment and materials
  • Maritime research
  • Aquaculture
  • Offshore accommodation

Turnkey solutions for complex projects

Our shipyards in the Netherlands offer mobilization for complex projects, both to new and existing pontoons and equipment, in a professional and flexible way. This way operators experience minimal downtime and have the solutions required to fulfil their operations.

Modular pontoons and barges

For projects on water that is enclosed or has restricted access, we offer modular pontoons and barges in cooperation with Modular Pontoon Systems (MPS) for final assembly on-site.

Custom pontoons and barges 

We can offer fully customised pontoons and barges at short notice thanks to our integrated production methods and years of experience. We work alongside top suppliers and leading equipment manufacturers to ensure that all our vessels deliver excellent reliability and minimal downtime.