Dredging equipment

Are you searching for dredging equipment? Neptune Marine is your partner for shipbuilding, ship repair and equipment charter. As a specialized provider of marine solutions, we deliver solutions for your maritime project from our locations in the Netherlands: Hardinxveld, Aalst and Groningen. We are also able to provide you with anything regarding dredging equipment.

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Dredging equipment | Marine solutions that work for you!

Neptune Marine focusses on building custom made dredgers, cutters, and hoppers for the dredging market. Furthermore, we have deck and dredging equipment available for hire. This allows our customers to use certain equipment for a short- or medium period of time, without having to make a long-term investment. We offer deck cranes, anchors, spud legs and cans, winches, generators, and cable laying equipment. We also have the possibility to purchase the equipment at a later stage if our customers wish to.

Offshore and dredging engineering

About Neptune Marine

At Neptune Marine we always strive to meet our customers requirements. We always put the needs of our customers in first place. Thanks to our many years of experience in building vessels, including yachts, we are able to deliver products with the highest quality possible. We do this for customers active in the following markets: offshore oil & gas, renewables, marine, infrastructure, seagoing, transport, dredging and aquaculture. Have a look at our portfolio to see what kind of projects we have finished.

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  • Euro Dredger 650

    EuroCutter 650

    Length:62,00 m
    Beam:10,5 m
    Max. dredging depth:18,00 m
    Power:2755 kW
    Speed:0-30 rpm
  • Dredging - EuroCutter 500

    EuroCutter 500

    Length:34,00 m
    Beam:7,80 m
    Draft:1,50 m
    Power:184 kW
    Speed:0-30 rpm
  • EuroCutter 450

    EuroCutter 450

    Length:25,10 m
    Max. dredging depth:10,00 m
    Beam:6,6 m
    Power:866 kW
    Speed:0-30 rpm