EuroAzimuth tugs: reliable and sustainable harbour tugs for towage and vessel handling

Our premium harbour tugs deliver reliability, sustainability and manoeuvrability for all your towage and vessel handling needs

EuroAzimuthTug 2412

24,63 m
12,00 m
5,50 m
Bollard pull ahead:
75,0 tons
Bollard pull astern:
68,0 tons
12,0 knots

EuroAzimuthTug 2813

28,74 m
13,00 m
5,65 m
Bollard pull ahead:
85,0 tons
Bollard pull astern:
78,0 tons
12,0 knots

Developed in close cooperation with renowned Dutch harbour tug operators, our EuroAzimuth harbour tugs have been developed to deliver clean, low maintenance, high performance manoeuvrability. The result is compact, powerful vessels that are economical to operate yet deliver top-class vessel handling and towage capabilities.

  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Bollard pull up to 85 tonnes
  • Excellent sea-keeping
  • 360-degree sightlines from the control position
  • Simplified systems
  • Low maintenance

The perfect solution for harbour, port and terminal operations

These tugs are equally effective handling even the largest vessels in open water and restricted waterways that require precision manoeuvring.

  • Towage
  • Vessel handling and berthing
  • Salvage
  • Ports, harbours and terminals

Vessels available at short notice

We specialise in supplying vessels at short notice, but without compromise in quality and craftsmanship, and with each client’s requirements fully implemented. We understand that short lead-in times for contracts are all part of today’s competitive environment and we work with each client to ensure that they have the vessel they need, ready to start on day one.

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