The final commissioning of the cable repair vessel “CURO”

Water splashing the EuroCarrier 3314Christening of the EuroCarrier 3314 "Inne K"
New pontoons added to the rental fleet!

The final commissioning of the cable repair vessel “CURO”

We had the final commissioning of the cable repair vessel “CURO” for our client N-Sea Group. This multi purpose DP2 vessel can be equipped to fulfill a broad range of operations. The free deck space in combination with the large accommodation offers many possibilities for all kinds of operations including salvage, offshore accommodation, cable repair and renewables support.

We recently converted the existing anchored barge NP-459 into a dedicated cable repair DP2 vessel with 50t offshore knuckleboom crane named CURO. This vessel will be available from medio June 2024 for cable repair &

installation projects and will be sailing for its first inter-array replacement project in Germany in coming 2 weeks.

The CURO is equipped with an innovative cable repair spread including a dual basket carousel, to repair and replace HVAC and HVDC inter-array cables, export cables and inter-connectors. Due to the combination of its 8-point mooring system and DP2 capabilities, the vessel can operate year-round in both very shallow (beach able) and deep-water conditions.

A special thanks to N-Sea!

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The Christening of the EuroCarrier 3314
The EuroCarrier 3314 in front of Neptune Merwede